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work hours : From Saturday to Thursday from (9:30 am to 1:30 pm and from 5 pm to 9 pm)
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about us

About us

About us

  • In 2001, Prof. Mohammed Deeb Edd, Consultant Plastic
    in Jeddah, established EDD Clinic as the
    first medical center that provides cosmetics, dermatology and same day

    In 2009, EDD Clinic expanded its activities and specialties. It has established specialized clinics
    cover all specialties
    in addition to establishing “
    infertility and IVF center”.

    Recently, EDD Clinic has become a comprehensive medical center that
    many medical
    supervised by experienced medical and administrative staff
    using the recent methods and technologies in addition to the best medical
    devices to ensure providing the best medical care.

    EDD Clinic is
    equipped with the latest technical equipment
    to cover all related
    aspects of cosmetic and therapeutic surgery,
    laser and dermatology, in addition to various medical
    specialties at the
    highest level of efficiency and quality.

Eed Clinic
Eed Clinic
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