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IVF and late pregnancy department

OB/GYN , IVF and late pregnancy department


Late pregnancy is subject to some temporary factors on one hand and permanent factors on the other hand. It may also vary according to the impact from father, mother, or both of them. Accordingly, at OB/GYN, IVF and late pregnancy department, we seek to provide all services related to pregnancy problems, including late childbearing and frequent abortion.

Provided services


Currently, ICSI become one of the latest fertility assistive methods for treating infertility, and delayed childbearing either for men or women, noting that the operating success rate may reach 50-60 % and this is considered the most appropriate solution to assist childbearing.


It depends on condition of both spouses, either for semen or the woman’s womb. The success rate range between 10 % to 15 %.

3.Freezing embryos

Freezing embryos process take place in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and IVF after the eggs are fertilized with sperm at very cold temperatures in liquid nitrogen for the purpose of preserving them and prevent growing or aging.  Such process is not completed unless after desire of new pregnancy.

New researches revealed that transferring frozen embryos to the mother’s womb improves ICSI success.

4.Freezing sperm

At EDD Clinic, OB/GYN department, we provide the ability to freeze the sperm sample in a special climate to protect it from damage through the freezing process. The frozen sample can be stored for several years and be used in fertility treatment in the future.

5.Treatment of testicles diseases

Testicles diseases ranked 1st at male diseases, because of its impact on the reproductive capacity. One of the most common diseases is varicocele, which puts pressure on the lower part of pelvis and causes dysuria. There are other diseases in which the doctor must perform surgery, therefore, you should consult a specialist in case of feeling pain to avoid any complications that may affect the patient’s life.

6.Pregnancy follow up via 4D ultrasound and high risk pregnancy

Pregnancy follow up is considered one of the most important sections, as it protects mother’s health and fetus at the same time. Follow-up programs start from pregnancy until after delivery. With scientific progress, it has become possible to determine the time of pregnancy and monitor the growth and health of the fetus throughout the months of pregnancy, including therapeutic intervention in some cases to ensure a healthy fetus.

7.Contraceptive methods and birth control

Previously, contraception was associated with stopping childbearing. Nowadays, the concept related to the need to regulate pregnancy periods, to avoid poor health of woman and provide enough attention to child in his early childhood years. There are many Contraceptive methods range from contraceptive pills or surgical interventions. The doctor decides the most appropriate method for the mother’s health.

8. Vaginal repair and plastic surgery after repeated delivery

9. Pregnancy follow up via 4D ultrasound

10.Vaginal ultrasound (3D technology) to diagnose uterine abnormalities and blocked fallopian tubes.

11.Monitoring mother health

During 40 days from delivery, it is very important to follow up mother and fetus health. The specialist asks conducting some tests so as to ensure mother’s health whether it was vaginal or cesarean delivery.

12.Treatment of late childbearing

Thanks to the continuous scientific progress, it has become easy to treat delayed pregnancy. There are many causes and factors for partial infertility or delayed pregnancy either partial infertility, which can be treated in a few weeks, and total infertility that take long periods of treatment. The spouses are obligated to receive comprehensive treatment. Fortunately,   treatment in all cases has become effective, especially with medical advances and modern technology.

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