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Provided services

  1. Dental extractionsand reconstruction

It is one of the most famous operations that everyone undergoes. As for dental reconstruction, it is a simpler technique that differs from dental implantation. Dental reconstruction is restoration of only the upper part of the teeth without extraction or replacement of the roots. The restoration is done by applying a complementary layer to the primary dental structure only.

  1. Treating inflammation of nerve and roots

Treating nerve and root inflammation is considered one of the most common operations in dentistry. Inflammation causes vary from person to another. Due to contact between mouth and facial and brain nerves, inflammation may happened as a side effect , it may be a problem and not evidence of direct caries as many people think. Also, inflammation may also affect nerve root canals, which are used to treat dental nerve infections due to decay.

  1. Wisdom teeth

The wisdom tooth belongs to the molars family and it grows at the sides of the upper and lower jaws and it is called with this name because it usually grows after puberty, unlike the rest of the teeth. Wisdom tooth problems pain and problems start with the emergence of the first molar because of harm caused to the jaw bone and the roots of the molars surrounding it .  Such harm usually appears in the form of swollen sacs associated with the period of its appearance causing severe compressive pain when the mouth nerves widen to exit. Therefore, it is recommended to extract it beforehand so as to avoid more harm to patient.

  1. Pediatric dentistry: from the age of 8

All pediatrics under the age of 18 is included in this department. Typically, it is hard to combine different types of dental procedures and classifications for children and adults due to the severity of their differences even there is a similarity in entitlements. Therefore, it is necessary to visit pediatric dentist, not general dentistry. Dentist specialized in pediatrics is not suitable for adults especially in teething stage and fall of Deciduous teeth.


  1. Cosmetic dentistry (Hollywood smile):

Hollywood smile is one of the techniques that recently separated from dental implants , regular extraction and reconstructive surgeries. Its purpose is cosmetic not therapeutic and patient is the one who determines what he/she  wants to do according to his desire and not according to a therapeutic necessity, and among the most common is Hollywood smile, cutting the teeth to appear at specified length, or expanding and narrowing the spaces between the teeth.

  1. Oral hygiene and periodic follow-up:

Oral and dental problems begin with the emergence of severe and unbearable pain, therefore, dentists recommend that the teeth should be checked on regular basis at least once every six months, in order to maintain oral and dental health and avoid tooth decay, gingivitis or stink breaths. Also, it is recommended to visit dentist periodically in cases of dental implants and molars or temporary fillings to maintain a healthy smile for you.

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