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Urology and Andrology

Urology and Andrology

At EDD Clinic, all types of microsurgery, surgeries, urological endoscopy, kidneys, infertility, andrology and testicular biopsy (microscopic examination) can be performed under the supervision and control of qualified consultants.

Provided services

  1. Treating andrology and infertility

Low fertility rate, which means the testes’ low production of sperm or weak sperm structure, leads to infertility. Due to the different factors that cause low fertility, the degree of infertility varies between temporary partial infertility and permanent infertility.

  1. Venereal diseases:

Venereal diseases Causes differ from one patient to another according to several factors, such as the patient’s general health, psychological state, age group, and smoking unlike the common reason which is erectile dysfunction. Also, we pay attention to comprehensive examination of various venereal diseases and treatment of premature ejaculation and sexual dysfunction.

  1. Prostate treatment

At EDD Clinic, we work to treat prostatic hyperplasia, chronic inflammation and prostatectomy in cases where there is a cancerous tumor. During such surgery, tissues must be completely removed, including the tissue-free margins of cancer cells and lymph nodes, to prevent the spread of cancer cells in the body.



Eed Clinic
Eed Clinic
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